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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By accepting these Terms & Conditions (from this point referred to as T&Cs) you as a visitor to (from this point referred to as 'the website') and/or customer of XRacing NZ (we / us), are agreeing that you fully understand the following clauses:

1.A - We treat your personal information with respect, and will never pass on, give away or sell your information to any other entity. We reserve the right to use your information to send xracing marketing material and for website statistical analysis.

1.B  - You xracing user account remains our property under all circumstances, and we reserve the right to cancel it at anytime and for no reason.

2.A - While every attempt is made to provide correct and accurate product information on the website, xracing accepts no liability for any loss of time, loss of money, death or injury, resulting from information provided on the website. Please make further enquires if you are in any doubt to the accuracy of the information provided.

2.B - The prices displayed on the website are to be taken as an indicative guide only. From time to time the website may not display the correct price of a product. In which case xracing reserves the right to not complete any order that may have been made, which contains product(s) with incorrect pricing. If an incorrect price is discovered in your order, xracing will contact you and inform you of any price correction before proceeding any further with your order. You have the right at any point before order completion to cancel your order.

2.C - Some products for sale on the website make be for cosmetic use only, meaning they are not legal for road use in New Zealand and/or any other country. Whilst we provide information on the legallity of some products where possible, this information is provided as an indication only. We do not know the law in your area, so please check with the relevant authorities before making your purchase if in any doubt.